HP Scholarship Program For Women: Information Security

Women who are looking for scholarships within the Information Security world…Click to read this article that summarizes a fact from the Ponemon Institute: “women only make up 20 percent of the information security workforce” The purpose of this scholarship is to involve and encourage women who are pursuing an education in cybersecurity. Along with the… Read more »

Emerging technology to impact on our society

Other than the technology we develop here at SimIS Inc and Healthcare Simulations, there’s emerging technology that are shaping and changing lives. The Telegraph published an article titled: “Top ten emerging technologies which will change your life.” We live in a society where things are constantly changing and the outcomes of technology have an impact…. Read more »

FedEx Small Business Grant Competition – Pie in Face Event

In order to increase votes for the FedEx Small Business Grant competition, SimIS executives agreed to get a pie in the face if we reached our required number of votes. Thank you Johnny Garcia and Jay Gendron for being amazing sports and having no fear of the coarse pie crust exfoliation!

World-Class Customer Service On Another Level: Virtual Tour & Recognition

Current Google Technology will be able to provide travellers of Ireland’s Cork Airport world-class customer service due to their virtual technology and tour of the airport. Ireland is the first to have this technology in their airport and it will utilize an Indoor Street View feature through Google Maps. The meaning and purpose behind this… Read more »