SimIS, Inc has developed autonomous platforms that will continue to become more important to mission effectiveness and the safety of future warfighters. SimIS also understands that the battlefield is still controlled by C2 devices, so the interoperation and clear understanding of software applications (M&S systems) and unmanned platforms will become critical to achieving this vision.


Project Overview

rvrSctRestRiverscout is a man portable USV that CCD has developed with a mix of internal and external funding to serve as a low cost USV experimentation platform. The purpose of the USV is for surveillance and reconnaissance in promotion of situational awareness with focus on command and control through a tactical robotic controller (TRC). Riverscout uses advances in sensing, analyzing, communication, and navigation to perform tasks assigned by an operator. This program implements the US Navy’s first USV for a “brown water” environment, support to combat operation, or patrol waterways with virtual capabilities. This cost-effective USV will reduce risk of missions by increasing the number of assets while minimizing the demands on the human operators

Our Mission

  • GUI developed for camera integration, post mission analysis, and virtual testing
  • Host software interfaces through IP radio to cameras using JAUS
  • Integrations of Falcon View with dynamic waypoint tracking



The Next Generation of Moving Targets

Remote Control for flying in outdoor locationThe RHTT (Robotic Human Type Target) system is a mobile, trackless smart target developed for the military live firetraining market and beyond. Aligned with the U.S. Army’s Force 2025 goals for more realistic moving training targets, the RHTT is deployable in a wide array of training environments. The all terrain wheels (without the constraint of a track or rail) allow the RHTT to maneuver on all areas – on or off range. The X1 system is manually operated, while the X2 (in development) is autonomous, featuring the ability to preprogram scenarios with technology to capture data such as location of miss and hit (LOMAH), for both instant feedback to the trainee as well as after action review (AAR) built in. The X2 will also interact with the Army’s TRACR (Targetry Range Automated Control and Recording) and FASIT (Future Army System of Integrated Targets) systems for ease of integration into existing range infrastructure.

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