SimIS Inc is a trusted leader in the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) community who has formed a strong partnership with DoD and DHS to ensure successful execution of T&E support. Our team encompasses talented T&E service and program management professionals who deliver a team of highly qualified T&E specialists skilled in the latest operational test capabilities supporting OT&E standards. SimIS is customer-focused, accountable, and leverages the best industry practices in OT&E for new or emerging technologies to support the management, experimentation, and strategic business planning needs of organizations within government, business, and industry.

Operational Test and Evaluation Planning

This planning will account for the iterative nature of agile development, including allowance for operational test and evaluations that is responsive to the short operational feedback cycles that are the result of agile two week iterations, hereafter referred to as Sprints.


Operational Test and Evaluation Execution

This includes scheduling, coordination, briefing, participation in and debriefing operational test event that corresponds to the two-week Sprint, and thirteen-week Release cadences being used for agile development on this program.

Operational Test and Evaluation Reporting

This includes drafting necessary correspondence and reports that support operational rest and evaluation in concert with the Sprint and Release cadences used on the program. It also includes any aggregation of Spring and Release operational test and evaluation information and reporting needed to support Acquisition Events for deployment to operations and maintenance.


Developmental Test and Evaluation

DT&E verifies that the system’s design is satisfactory and that all technical specifications and contract requirements have been met. SimIS’ most recent DT&E was sponsored by COMOPTEVFOR and creating executable architectures for Test Resource Management Center (TRMC).