Portsmouth, VA — Mar, 2017 — SimIS, an international Simulation and Cybersecurity company (http://www.simisinc.com), today announced the celebration of 10 years in business.

Since 2007, SimIS has evolved from a local service provider, to a thriving business with an international scope, offering a comprehensive product line, including healthcare training systems, enterprise architecture, unmanned systems, systems engineering, test and training services and cybersecurity services.

“What started out 10 years ago on a shoe-string budget has steadily grown into a business far exceeding anyone’s expectations,” said Dr. Johnny Garcia, SimIS co-founder and CEO. “We are all very proud of this accomplishment and grateful to our customers and employees who helped get us here.”

SimIS Inc. was founded in March 2007 by two entrepreneurs: Johnny Garcia and Mark Wolfgang, Headquartered in Portsmouth, Virginia, each founder brought their own unique talent to the table: Johnny Garcia Ph.D. modeling and simulation, extensive sales and marketing expertise and Mark Wolfgang cyber security and customer service expertise.

SimIS initially offered local services to defense and energy customers in the Hampton roads area and then quickly spread nationwide. With the proliferation of government requirements for testing and training uses in Simulation and Cyber Protection, SimIS rapidly grew from a 2-person company to a multimillion dollar organization.

At the same time, SimIS expanded by building high tech state-of-the-art solutions in healthcare, training, testing, cybersecurity and unmanned systems as the Company matured along with the Internet; SimIS evolved its scope and product offering across North America.

“Today SimIS offers a comprehensive suite of architecture, training, cybersecurity and testing services that can be tailor-made and bring about a meaningful difference for any organization of any size in the world, added Dr. Garcia, “During our 10-year life span, our focus on customer service has never wavered, we have been able to deliver timely solutions again and again with a very satisfied customer rating.”

SimIS Vice President and CTO Warren Bizub; “By being in touch with our customer base, we have also been able to anticipate their needs and grow with their organization. That’s one of the major reasons why we have been so successful. We very much look forward to the next 10 years.”

SimIS was recently awarded a 5 year 28 million dollar contract supporting the Joint Test and Evaluation Joint Program Office support services contract in Suffolk, VA. SimIS is also relocating there office from their current location in downtown Portsmouth on High Street to a new location in the Modeling Analysis Simulation Technology (MAST) Center Office Park in Portsmouth.
About SimIS

Founded in 2007, SimIS is today an international provider of high tech services. Our suite of healthcare, enterprise architecture, systems engineering, test, training and cyber security services is not only comprehensive but also can be custom fit for any enterprise-level need. Our services include, but are not limited to architecture, test and training services, cyber security and unmanned systems development, and much more. In addition, SimIS is focused on hiring veterans first and providing its customers with superior support service, which is backed by a seasoned technology group who understands the needs and issues of today’s business. For more information, please visit www.simisinc.com.